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The BEAMS head and intake has very good flow and there are turbo pistons available for the beams head and you get "hotter" cams with it.

The only weak point compared to a 3sgte is the rods but they are interchangable, so buy a used set of gte rods or any aftermarket h-beams for a gte. The block and crank are the same and being a later cast the block is stronger than the earlier generation 3sgte:s. The BEAMS will take less boost to make the same power and will be rev happier and with vvt you will get away with a bigger turbo than with a gte and still maintain midrange torque.

No more money spent than upgrading a GTE. Or run E85 and you could get away with just rods and a gen3 GTE headgasket which is a bit thicker. An engine is an engine : And fyi the beams engine was used in the turbocharged corolla wrc!

I road race. The car we are building will be racing the 25 hr of thunder hill with the big boys. The 5s has issues with side loading causing wear on the side of side of the cylinder wall due to the longer stroke. On endurance runs we would only be pushing with a conservative mapping if that.

This is a very good build! I've been pondering this idea for a while for the car. Its going to start as a 3rd gen to get the car set up but this will be on the agenda before its running big time.

I run a stock beams with bolt ons in my street car. I would take it any day over a turbo 3s. The car race car I was talking about is an motec ecu, double dry brake, etc etc kinda car so it will be built to last.

Basically in endurance racing you can put down hp all you want in the class we are running but if it will last 25 hours which I won't gamble on that between 3 different drivers with different discipline levels it would be a miracle.

Again is a perfect number for us. You mind if I get up with you on some cam info and what not? I also have a dreambuild I would like to do. A jgtc supra replica, widebody with BEAMS blacktop : For endurance I would probably keep it at 2l aswell and have as long rods as possible. Turbo beams are great, like the 3SGTE but a lot better driveability off boost.

I will assume this is why the VVTi is not used at the moment? What Euro country is this? Explains everything, I am yet to meet a Swede who's not completely crazy hehehehe Stand-alone Link, your maps might be useful to us all.

3sge beams turbo dyno

Crazy Swedes I attached my radiator same one as your Koyo with just 2 simple pieces of aluminium bar Looks like a fun car! In the picture its a Beams head by looking at it. Definitely not a 5s head. I think he gets the 5s from it being a 89mm or whatever stroke the 5s is.

He's running that same stroke I believe. Custom rods and pistons. At 2bar now and with 20degrees of cam advance so far the torque curve is awesome, feels very flat from rpm.The dyno graphs below will give you an idea, especially the one from Panic Wire comparing the different outputs of several engines.

The S referenced is a 2. However, it is still very limited when compared to other more popular power plants. However, here is a quick list of common modifications:. It is a drive by wire throttle body, that has a mechanical override built into one of the sensors.

To understand properly how this works, there are a few things that you need to understand about how a drive by wire throttle body works. The ECU uses multiple inputs to determine the correct throttle position. This consists of things like engine load derived from mass air flow sensor, coolant temperature sensor, engine RPM, VVTi, etc as well as driver demand accelerator pedal position sensorand is monitored using a throttle postiion sensor.

On most vehicles equipped with a drive by wire throttle body, the accelerator pedal position APP sensor is built into the accelerator pedal. To me, it looks like Toyota was worried about the drive by wire technology leaving drivers stranded, and wanted to incorporate a fail safe.

Alright, now we can get to the modification. Now, there are two different kinds. The first is a full kit made by Premium Japan no affiliationand appears to be the only one with this design. This gives you that nice, crisp, throttle response. The genius of this kit is that it also retains the capability of controlling cruise control and idle with the ECU. The second option consists of only the spacer for the APP sensor so it makes contact the entire time.

There are several exhaust manifolds available for the Altezza, however, in most LHD vehicles they do not fit.

There are a couple of companies that make the head flange, and then you can have your favorite fabricator weld you something up. Some considerations when you are looking at options: make sure the ECU is capable of controlling VVTi it is different than VVT and extra inputs and outputs are nice to have, in case you do things like add forced induction, flex fuel, etc.

Ultimately, the ECU you choose is going to be the one that your tuner is comfortable with. I am of the firm belief that a capable tuner can tune anything. Seriously awesome for guys that like to DIY. There are a few that have made claims, however, with these people also make and sell ITB kits for the engine.

3sge beams turbo dyno

It seems that you can pick up about 20whp over the factory ECU. Honestly, the stock intake manifold is pretty neat — if you take a look in the throttle body hole with a flashlight, you will see tuned velocity stacks in there. There is one performance advantage to ITBs. They may not give you any additional peak power, however, they do allow you to tune where you make power and for how long. Essentially they can widen your powerband, and different velocity stack lengths can shift it around a bit in the RPM range.

So, if you feel that you really need to give your car ITBs, here is what you need to know.

3sge beams turbo dyno

Multiple companies make ITB adapters, you just gotta pick which one you want. Once you figure out what adapter you want to use, then you can look at velocity stack length.

Things that affect this: are you going to run a filter, what filter, are you going to run a strut tower brace, and what adapter you have. All of these change the length of velocity stack that you have space for. Of course there are two different options, superchargers and turbochargers. Once upon a time, Blitz made a bolt on supercharger kit that worked with the stock ECU. It came with a piggyback style fuel controller. This Blitz kit essentially uses an SC14 supercharger. Some people have been installing Vortech and Rotrex superchargers, however, these are custom mounting kits that are usually being added to built engines.

Just like with anything, it is possible, but just be prepared for custom work. Just like with the superchargers, there is another sweet JDM tuning company, Greddy Trust, that made a bolt-on turbo kit for the Altezza.Remember Me?

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Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Re: stock fwd beams 3sge dyno results. My afm is as far as i know the standard setup as found in the caldina with standard pipe but should be prettey simular to the red top. Really i am bit of a dummy and dont understand much but trying to learn I was thinking about some simple mods but i probably will turbo the engine at some stage so i will stick to stuff that i wont have to buy twice like perhaps a motec m and a set of plugs.

Re: stock fwd beams 3sge dyno results Aaaah okay, so you're running the Caldina engine, with grey intake manifold and rocker cover? And presumably the auto ECU too? Also according to the stats, one beams engine makes ft lbs rpm and hp at rpm, and the other presumably auto version makes ft lbs rpm and hp rpm. Re: stock fwd beams 3sge dyno results Yep thats the one black cover grey intake manifold.

Thats an interesting thaught about the auto ecu, i was lucky in the way that the guy who i baught it off already had it running in his manual aw11 so it was just a matter of swapping chassis and wiring it into body loom, not sure what was involved getting it to work without auto. Once when i had to have the hg changed there were aparent differences between the stand st caldina heads, not sure what they were but i think something to do with the vvti setup.

Re: stock fwd beams 3sge dyno results Okay well today I finally got around to trying to suss out my problems.

I swapped my AFM for my spare one, undid all of my earths, cleaned the connections and put them back on, and also found that my oxy sensor was loose! I took out the oxy sensor, cleaned it Couldnt find my spare one, damnit!

BEAMS 3SGE Modifications

I went for a spin, and damn! The difference is absolutely amazing. I definitely think I've fixed the problem now, what ever it was. It's running like it used to again, cant wait to get back to the dyno to see how it goes!

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3sge beams turbo dyno

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Legendary Toyota AE86 3SGE Beams NOS on Dyno

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3sge beams turbo dyno
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