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The Buick LeSabre has seen an interesting evolution throughout its forty-year life. It was covered in chrome from the shiny hub caps and wraparound bumpers to the slim lines streaking down the side. It came with classic fins, a wraparound windshield, and was promoted as the entry-level luxury vehicle for Buick. It was quite a versatile car, and could be owned by anyone since it offered a convertible, two and four-door hardtop, a two and four-door sedan, and station wagon model.

This was the vehicle line that would become Buick's full-size automobile for the next four decades. A new trim was introduced, known as the "Custom," which would remain with the line until its end.

It took drops in horsepower from to in the following year. Automatic transmission became the standard, power brakes and steering were included, and the convertibles were discontinued in Inthe LeSabre became the first full-size American car with a V6 as the standard engine.

The V8s would last for a few more years before being eliminated, and, inthe port holes were dropped while the car became much shorter and lighter.

By the mids, the LeSabre switched to front-wheel drive and the V6 could kick horsepower which later improved to They were desired for their reliability, spacious cabin, large storage space, and exceptionally smooth ride. A "Celebration Edition" was released in after a ten-year stint as America's best-selling full-size sedan. It was discontinued inbut it will be remembered as one of the best full-size cars for its safe and reliable performance.

It had a V8 with a But the real boost came from the futuristic features. The grille revolved into a dual headlight set for nighttime travel, it had an accessible built-in retractable jack for easy wheel repair, air scoops were on the rear to cool the brakes and battery, a compass was in the dash, and an automatic sensor was installed that could raise the window and retractable roof at the first sign of rain.

Junkyard Gem: 1983 Buick LeSabre Estate Station Wagon, Rocky Mountain High Edition

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buick lesabre junkyard

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buick lesabre junkyard

If your vehicle isn't listed, close the window to return to search.Prior tothis position had been retained by the full-size Buick Special model — The name originated with the GM Le Sabre show car designed by Harley Earl ; that car is often mistakenly attributed to the Buick division but in fact it was presented as a GM vehicle without reference to a specific GM division.

LeSabre is French for "the sabre ". The LeSabre nameplate made its first appearance on the Le Sabre show car[1] which introduced the world to aircraft-inspired design elements such as the wrap-around windshield and tail fins. There is a V12 for the Buick LeSabre 5. In LeSabre became the new moniker for what had previously been known as the Buick Special.

The Buick LeSabre was offered in a full line of body styles except between when its station wagon variant was dropped from Buick's full-size offerings. Inthe LeSabre was downsized along with other GM full-size models, and was available only in pillared coupe, sedan and wagon body styles. In addition to being Buick's entry level vehicle, the LeSabre was consistently Buick's best selling full-size car. From tothe LeSabre was powered by a cubic-inch V8which was smaller than the cubic-inch V8 used in the more expensive Invicta and Electra models.

Starting inall LeSabre models except the Estate Wagon shared their drivetrains with the midsize Buick models by switching to those models' smaller-displacement V8s at least as standard equipment for the next few years with cubic-inch displacements of —65—67 and — A large-displacement would not reappear in a LeSabre until when a cubic-inch V8 was introduced as an option and was offered through Beginning with the downsized models and continuing through three subsequent generations of front-drive LeSabres introduced inandBuick's 3.

For most years from toa three-speed manual transmission was standard equipment on all LeSabres but rarely ordered. Far more popular was the Turbine Drive automatic transmission previously known as Dynaflow along with power steering and power brakes. For andthe automatic transmission was standard on the LeSabre and all other full-sized Buicks but in was moved back to the option list on LeSabres.

Forthe Dynaflow-based Turbine Drive was replaced by two new automatic transmissions, the two-speed Super Turbine and the three-speed Super Turbine A four-speed manual transmission was offered as a LeSabre option from to but only a small number of cars were so equipped. Automatic transmissions would once again reappear as standard equipment on LeSabres in mid and continue in such form until the model line's demise after LeSabres were rear-drive six-passenger vehicles from to station wagons through featuring separate body-on-frame construction along with a longitudinally mounted front engine.

The first downsized generation of LeSabres introduced in retained the rear-drive and body-on-frame construction, while the later-generation models introduced in switched to front-wheel-drive, unit-body construction and transversely mounted engine. Convertibles were offered each year through while two- and four-door hardtops were dropped after and only pillared body styles were offered from to Station wagons were offered through and then dropped for several years until being reintroduced in and continued until after which year they were moved to the revived Roadmaster series.The best method to buy second-hand car spares and salvaged vehicles is by contacting the seller directly and talking in person to review the material you are going to purchase.

We recommend that you make sure that the spare you are interested in is exactly the one that matches your auto model and its year of manufacture. It is a good idea to ask the seller for more images of the spares so you do not waste your time and money. Here you will find the Buick LeSabre for sale by our visitor complete or by parts with their corresponding images and the info you need. Straight body good glass bad engine good trans all other parts were in working order when parked after engine blew Silver 4 door.

Front frame was in accident and bent in. Engine still runs. Air bags deployed. Fair condition no body damage good tires low miles interior fair condition electrical issue won't start.

Needs an oil change and gas. Back passenger window needs to be replaced partially. New alternator, spark plugs and wires, gas lines, starter. This car starts and run just tired of putting money into It needs a starter and a brakline, a tune up, it does not start at all. And needs a fuel work on. Has aboutmiles Body is in great shape. Sat idle for 2 months and now wont start. Probably needs a new starter only. Transmission is locked!!! Car hasmiles. Car was in great condition before the transmission locked.

Brown nice shape car, only got a dent on the side on driver side, everything is fine, wheels on the car, engine Ok shape 4 Dr custom electric everything all works engine quit Burgandy drove nice gray interior in fair shape. Everything good accept the Alternator has good interior blue whole cars white good tires engine runs.

Whole car is to be sold, does not start, does have new tires, not to much wear and tear on exterior. Was running well will not start, body paint poor. Good for parts. Whole car as is. Runs nice, fairly new battery, new studded snow tires, Goodyear 5K miles on them, tried to sell it for a couple It's just a dint on the passenger side run great new breaks mi clean title it's just we moveing so we trying Just bought my car and had it registered then wrecked it.

buick lesabre junkyard

Come get it. I was goin to fix it needs a new engine and i have the engine just dont have the time to mess with it so im just Our site allows you to speak directly with the seller of the second-hand spares you want. It can also be interesting for you because, usually, you can convince a reluctant user to sell you an specific piece, or maybe lower a little the price if it seems expensive. As you can imagine, the visitors of our site are free to set the price they want to their used cars and their salvage parts.

Here is the law of supply and demand that commands. So they are in their right to put the price they consider more suitable, but also you can discard it or negotiate it to agree.Your Cart: 0 items. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Select Year. Select Year First. Select Make First. Select a Part. Don't see your Part? Choose the larger assembly your part is attached to. For example: if your looking for a Hood Latch, choose Hood.

Expand your search. For example: find "Hood Latch" by choosing "Hood". All rights reserved. Buick LeSabre Air Cleaner. Buick LeSabre Alternator.

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1993 Buick LeSabre Two Tone Scraper in Junk Yard

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Salvage Buick Lesabres for Sale

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Share 0 Comments. If you live in Colorado and want an affordable chariot to haul you and your snowboarding droogs to the slopes, you could get one of the obvious cheapskate choices, e.

Salvage Buicks for Sale

However, if you want to channel the spiritual forefathers of earlys punk rock and you doyou'll need a big, battered, Detroit bomb. This '83 LeSabrespotted in a Denver self-service wrecking yard, is such a car.

As you can see in 's Suburbiayou're pretty much halfway to being a member of The Vandals when you drive a couple of tons of once-luxurious Detroit Iron. The standard engine for the LeSabre that year was an Olds generating a mere horsepower. The only way to get a burnout out of this setup was to pour a case of Lucky Lager over the right rear tire, then neutral-drop the transmission while floating the valves.

Chrysler and Nissan dominated the Whorehouse Red car interiors during the s, but GM made a respectable showing with this scratchy, velour-influenced stuff. When you know you're a car's last owner, nothing holds you back from decorating it to suit your tastes. How many miles are on it? With a five-digit odometer, there's no telling. The Colorado sun is rough on interiors, but this car may have spent its first couple of decades parking in a garage, or maybe it came from cloudy Oregon.

Advertising for this generation of LeSabre emphasized fuel economywhich may have been a less-than-convincing approach. Related Video:. Buick Automotive History Wagon junkyard junkyard gems station wagon.

Buick Lesabre Used Parts Catalog

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Please consider whitelisting Autoblog. Whitelist Us! Here's how to disable adblocking on our site.Buick built some fascinating cars during the late s and early s, including the sporty Reatta two-seater and slick Riviera both equipped with the super-advanced-at-the-time Graphic Control Center touchscreen computer system. A hint of the technology to come showed up in the Somersetbuilt from the through model years on the same N-Body platform as the Oldsmobile Calais.

I've only managed to find a handful of Somersets during my extensive junkyard travelingso this Colorado car is a real rarity. The Somerset got a digital instrument cluster to rival those found in the wildest Mitsubishis and Subarus of the time, and its radio lived in this strange-looking pod above the center control; the cassette deck was a separate unit beneath the HVAC controls. Unfortunately, the base engine in the Somerset was the rough-running, primitive 2. Just 92 hp, so this high-tech coupe wasn't anywhere near as quick as it looked.

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buick lesabre junkyard

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Buick lesabre junkyard
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