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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. TC Bros. Universal Hardtail Chopper Frame Kit. The axle slots are 20mm. In addition to the cross tubes offered, we also include solid cold rolled steel slugs that fit tightly into the inner diameter of the tubing for joining the hard tail to the stock frame tubes.

This is perfect for builders out there looking to do a unique bike. You can determine stretch, ground clearance, width, etc. Fitment possibilities are nearly endless.

Remember that since this kit is universal, you will be responsible for modifying your frame and making this kit fit and function properly. All modification is done at your own risk. This website uses cookies to ensure proper functionality of the shopping cart and checkout progress.

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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Honda CB weld-on rigid hard tail frame section. The unique design bolts to your stock swingarm mounting location for additional strength and ease of installation.

honda vt500 hardtail kit

It incorporates 6" of stretch and 5" of ground clearance for a very balanced look and stance that is very rideable. It is designed to use your CBK's stock wheel, tire, and chain adjusters.

Hardtailing My Honda Shadow - Custom Frame or Kit?

Spacer washers are included to allow use of your stock axle. The hardtail was designed using the latest CAD software and built in a CNC machined fixture for a perfect fit every time.

Detailed mounting instructions are included. This website uses cookies to ensure proper functionality of the shopping cart and checkout progress. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to the use of cookies. Click here to learn about cookie settings. Log In New Account. TC Bros. Free Shipping on all U. Login New Account. Home TC Bros. Notify Me.

honda vt500 hardtail kit

Please specify a valid Email Address. Manufactured By:. Install Instructions. This will not fit or newer model CB The unique design bolts to your stock swingarm mounting location for additional strength and ease of installation. Related Products TC Bros. Social Media. Choppers, LLC. Sign Up for Our Newsletter: Subscribe. Cookie Policy This website uses cookies to ensure proper functionality of the shopping cart and checkout progress.

Accept Decline. Are you sure you want to decline? You will be redirected away from TC Bros website. Yes, I want to leave. No, I want to stay.If you are looking for Honda bobber kits the good news is there are several nice little kits you can build or bolt on to your Honda one by one. If you are a veteran builder or bike owner and have built or customized your bike this is no surprise.

But you might be surprised how many people out there are looking for complete Honda bobber kits. We get requests every now and again for a complete kit bike or questions on where to buy all the parts.

Side Bar: The completed Honda bobber above was built by a Chaplain for a county jail. In other words, shorten the fender rear. To get it closer to a traditional bobber you will remove the front fender. That would be one of your first projects. You will get rid of that ugly stock Honda seat and replace it with an old school springer bobber seat like this:.

This seat above is offered by cycleexprezz. Third, you will want to get new handle bars. There are several to choose from but there are really only two or three types that will make your Honda look like a new or old school bobber: Ape hangers, drag bars, or old school looking beach bend handle bars. I have them listed further below. Those three easy projects will get your Honda closer to a real bobber. Maybe the hardest project is converting your bike into a hardtail.

Because old school bobbers were hardtails. Take a look at this picture as an example:. Seller: cyclex …. Seller: cycle1kate1 ….

Seller: cycleshirley …. Seller: workingclasschoppers …. Seller: sellmysoul99 …. Seller: goldgold. Seller: hondacbpartssohc …. Turning your stock Honda into a bobber is a fun project.

And you can get even more advanced by stretching your frame and raking the forks a little bit. Otherwise you will fall into the old school chopper category. But then again, once you chop or bob the fender your bike is considered chopped so chopper purists would argue that a bobber is really a chopper.

Old School Bobbers. What are your thoughts? Comment below. Bobber Kit or A Rolling Chassis? Novelty motorcycle helmets are marketed to bikers who don't want to wear a helmet but want to avoid getting a Skip to content. TopNav TopNav. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Accept Read More. Necessary Necessary.Note: We sell these each, order the quantity you require. High quality chrome switch designed to clean up the appearance of your bike while allowing the use of a switch. Includes a contoured washer which allows for installations on round surfaces such as handlebars or frames.

Switch Size 14mm x 12mm with 2X 20" wires. Satin Black Die-Cast aluminum housing with a nylon throttle tube. Opens carbs up to 38mm. Allen key included for assembly. Pull cable thread size is M10 x 1.

Throttle is 6" total in length. Warms up when the engine is running. Easy to use relay protected sealed controls. Rubber resistant to low temperatures and resists cracking. Easy install with no gluing needed. Notice: During this worldwide fight against COVID we continue shipping orders daily with a limited workforce performing daily workplace sanitization to prevent the spread of this disease.

Thank you for your support during this time and we hope you and your family stay safe. Login or Create an Account. Refine Search Results.

honda vt500 hardtail kit

Universal Glas-Pak Insert Tire Valve Stem Tire Valve Stem Caps Tire Fill Valve Rivet Link Clip Link Cam Chain Rivet Link Well, that build took place last summer, its hardtail design inspired by the beautiful bike you see here, completed just days before the pizza bike build off commenced.

Rather than fix the poor welding where the rear shock mounts had been cut and re-welded, Alan decided instead to build his first hardtail. Most options either bolt or weld to the rear part of the frame but Voodoo Vintage make a kit which is welded from the front end of the frame, giving the look of a custom hardtail but retaining the original chassis number.

Next came the engine and rear wheel installation; a custom hanger was designed for the Triumph Daytona disc and caliper, providing a better performance but with a smaller diameter. On the other side, a Triumph America sprocket carrier with wider spacing was mated to a Suzuki Hayabusa sprocket fitted in reversethus retaining the chain and kept in trim with a chain tensioner.

The original plan was to have a fake oil tank to house the rectifier, coil packs, battery, and wiring. This was fitted in three different positions and orientations, until I settled on housing the battery and ignition key in a shorter version, with the remaining wiring sitting in a cut-down ammunition box, which also doubles as the rear master cylinder mount.

The dummy tank and box were positioned such that the wiring would run within the frame, so everything was hidden. Alan felt that a suicide shift suited the radical design but he designed it as an addition to the foot control, rather than go the whole hog with a hand or foot clutch. Reduce, re-use, re motor cycle! Those stunning exhausts turn heads wherever the bike is parked, and are the result of a great deal of blood, sweat, and toil.

The end result, Four into Four pipes, are fitted with silencer inserts and mounted so that the outside pipe appears to be floating, maintaining a clean look. The front mudguard is a cut-down alloy Moto Guzzi item fitted on a modified Bonneville mount to accommodate the larger diameter tires, whilst under the rear, special loom mounts were made to support and hide the tail light loom, yet keep it protected from road debris. Alan decided it was easier to build a new wiring loom himself from scratch since the new bike length and electrical layout meant the old one was far from ideal.

Bar indicators cut down the amount of visible wiring and the need for rear mounted indicators, whilst a custom designed clock mounted in a fabricated stainless steel mount and featuring the VR logo, has a GPS speedo, doing away with the mechanical drive and cam from the front wheel. The clutch cable is for a Honda CRF, the throttles are for a later model CB and the choke, mounted on an old school timing lever, is from a Honda Unicorn. And naturally, all parts were either powder coated including even new parts like the foot controls, so as to maintain continuity of appearance painted, plated or polished.

The quality of all this hard work is plain to see all hours of hard work but like so many of his other builds, Alan has barely had time to enjoy this one and now Project Bob is up for sale. All other details and designs where up to the choice of the builders.

Nothing to fear when you take a look…. I don't feature a lot of bobbers, nor choppers. Don't know why exactly, but maybe it's just my personal taste. The Honda CB is one of those bikes of the glory days that is being customized over and over and over and over again.

Sometimes I see extremely sophisticated and complicated builds, sometimes they're pretty bad. But in order to build a cool, custom ized bike, the list of modifications doesn't…. Your email address will not be published. We roll on our readers submissions, so if you want to show off your custom motorcycle: submit your brew! Thank you for subscribing.Make Honda. Model Shadow. Idles well but needs carburetors cleaned from sitting with ethanol gas. Gas tank is clean and rust free.

Bobber Frame Mods - Episode 6

Some paint and trim blemishes which I tried to show in the pics. Owned since with clear NC title. Amazing Honda Shadow vtc -Rare find. You won't see another this clean with this few miles.

honda vt500 hardtail kit

This bike is nearly new. Garage kept nearly it's whole life. In excellent condition, everything working perfectly with the exception of the rear left turn signal. The turn signal is there but not working. Starts up first time, every time. Runs and rides extremely well. Shifts like a dream! Super clean, shaft drive eliminates all the chain lube mess. This bike is an absolute joy to ride. I am only selling because I upgraded to a bigger bike and can't afford to keep them both.

Nicest you will find. Never laid down. Never wrecked. Stock Good tires, Good battery, Seat is perfect. Beautiful bike in amazing condition. Price is firm.

Have clean title in hand.

Motorcycle Hardtails

Serious buyers, Email works but texting is quicker. Cash ONLY.Want to hardtail your bike, but don't have a bender? This weld on hard tail kit kit has all you need! It might fit other bikes and models. This kit will allow you to set the ride height and will allow you to get the bike as low as you want within the limits of swingarm movement. These pieces sleeve inside the VT VLX frame, no slugs are used, as the hard tail pieces act as the slugs. Make sure to rosette or plug weld all junctions.

Beginning with the rear wheel removed, we recommend you jack the bike up from the center. You may cut more of this off later. Cut these tubes off on either side of the vertical portion where the mono shock was bolted into. Use the same measurement when cutting the top seat rail. Leave about 3 inches of material from the support bracket behind the gas tank rear bolt hole. You can leave the mono strut support till you have the hardtail pieces welded in.

You can then cut the bent hardtail. You may need to jack the center of the bike up and down to slide the tubing into place. B eing able to droop the swingarm is crucial. Check multiple times before tack welding each piece in place. Weld the two pieces of the hardtail in, adding plug or rosette welds to each sleeved portion for strength.

Then remove the Mono Strut and cut out the rear section of the mono strut support. Then you can weld in the seat spring support, or wishbone cross member as some folks call it. Close search.


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Honda vt500 hardtail kit
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